My name is Marina and I send you a warm welcome to my blog :) Raised in Ukraine I've moved to Poland to study Psychology. It's truly my passion. Understanding people is the choise, so I did it. 

By living a healthy and organic-friendly way of life I was gifted a harmony. That's why here are shared my thoughts on topics such as healthy diet, recipies and natural care. Please check my posts on what you're interested in ♥

This is a place where you can ask and you receive the answer. 

When the sentence starts with I... 

I'm the one who creates happines and shares sunshine from my inner part of a body. 

I believe in miracles and good souls of the people who surrond me. 
I inspire each and everyone to believe in their inwardness and almightiness. Yes, you're strong enough to overcome your fears and challenges to become a better person.
I believe in magic. Every day is a blessing for me. It's a new exiting journey I come trough.
I  travel to get out of my comfrot zone and to face a completely new, mysterious counrtry.

Soo, welcome once again! 
With love and kindness, Marina ♥